Facts suicide!

 On a day when you realize that “a person who is born in the rare case that happens, maybe you will think that it is not suicide, but rather to live a life that is new. There can be millions of reasons and in a way that fails to commit suicide, but we’re not going to allow you to death, as much in the wrong direction. I am going to show you the right way to live, and life starts all over again. You don’t need a sympathizer and a sympathizer, but the one They talking about the importance of life. 

 Keep in mind that this was in the eleventh month, which is my Mom, and when there was a rough body of God, your body is in a drop of water, a combination of the parents. You have such a beautiful body, and you’ll think that there’s going to be when you are faced with the problems and anxieties. 

 Take a deep look at: 

 Kabir, standing on your feet, and head

I want to, I would make the indian of each and every one of them.” 

 Circling in his mother’s belly, day and night, ” he said, “Oh, my God!!! I will worship you, all day and all night, and now I want to kill myself, when the problem comes from. He was once a God to protect you at all times, in your mother’s life for nine months of the year. With this in mind, Gentlemen, that he will cause you to die, so be it. 

 What does the report say? 

 The world health organization, according to the report, in 2018, a suicide, in India, in the form of an epidemic. India is in the top 20 countries in the world, in which people are willing to give their lives every minute of it. Every 40 seconds, a person who stopped her life anywhere by his hands. 

 suicide can be prevented 

 According to Dr. Sharmila Banwat, is a Clinical Psychologist and a Consultant at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, ” Every suicide is preventable.” 

 Who’s sorry now? 

 Today is the day’s worries, all of you, all of them have some problems or some kind of illness. Some are sad because of the lack of money, one is for any other reason, however this does not mean that at the end of this circumstance, it will only be of themselves asaraq suicide. If you don’t have the money, then work hard, and if you have a disease, then it must be treated. In the absence of money, and looking for help, and for the treatment of this disease, the right doctor for help, and then search for the saint, the lawyer of the body, the soul, the spirit of the lord, and the giver of wealth, children, or property. It is possible to eliminate all of the problems of a person. 

 Why suicide happens? 

 The solution was a suicide, problems? 

 Our advice would be to not have committed suicide, but it has found a solution to the problem, and believe me, he is the most High God. 

 Worry is like a fire, don’t worry you * can * * * the world 

 As it is surrounded by care, so the name is Kabir. 

  The family isn’t in the depth of the shock 

 In the morning, when Raju’s mother came into the room to wake him up, and he saw his body hanging in a breath of air. Raju bought a thirty-three percent of the class of points in the Class X. Dissatisfied with the school, he decided that it would be better to commit suicide. His parents show him no remorse, or fear. His mother is in a bad condition, that I started to cry. It would have been better if Raju was time to open them on their hearts, and fear. Don’t do something, take that step, you can use it to save you, and to let the one you leave behind to die, every day, to shout, to scream, to a memory of you. Keep in mind that if there is a problem, there is definitely a solution. 

 commit suicide 

 People face many kinds of problems in their life, such as lack of money, physical and mental suffering, and the other, a family quarrel, and the social problems like dowry, home, care, abuse, ridicule, lack of faith, lack of work. All of these problems are sometimes in the form of a complex problem, and when a person is not able to get in, no, no, that is not to solve the problem, then he will change, to take a wrong step, for example, it is not possible. In addition to his life, he needs a family. 

 Suicide of the man who believes that he is on the road, the secular, the spiritual and the physical problems, but he’s leaving behind, from behind a hollow void, and of repentance for the family. The happiness and the sadness will last and it is for a lifetime, but for a once-in-a lifetime to the lost, no longer to be found. 

 Did you know that suicide is a sin? 

 Suicide is a major sin, in order that a person in life, which are very rare. Kabir Saheb said in his speech that: 

 The birth of a person, in rare cases, people can find it, again and again and again. 

 Like a leaf falling from a tree, keep it up. 

 It’s just like a page torn from the branch of a tree, and it can’t be planted, so that the tree does not appear, at the same time, it is extremely rare to see each other again, at the end of a person’s life, in the basis of the lack of trustworthiness of a person who has committed a great sin, and are, as a suicide, on the basis of the works of karma. 

 Basically, in the Garuda Purana, a person who commits suicide by walking with a ghost, as he can be. And that is the purpose of human birth is to achieve the double of bhakti through the world and to achieve this, which is our main goal. 

 A person has ended their life by suicide, is guilty of a grave sin that God will never forgive such a person, since, by the grace of God, both in the past virtuous deeds of a human life and the life of a person, is not only the embodiment of true devotion and good works of the most High God. Therefore, what a person is doing, and gets entangled in their problems, and it’s a big sin to commit suicide. Sant Rampal H, maharaj said, suicide, and the * * * * * * is a great sin, it is a terrible crime, the perpetrators of such acts, that are in the ****. 

 In order to eliminate the learning of suicide? 

Suicide is not a solution of the problem. By committing suicide, one person ends their life, but at the same time, kills, happiness, family, peace, and the original purpose of his life. Only a selfish person, maybe it is not for anything or to take care of your loved ones, or only to his own suffering. Instead, it is what it takes in order to try to find an answer to this problem. Never be in a serious of steps such as suicide, even though you will have in order to find a solution. Try to avoid the situation with confidence and determination. Been prepared by the company of the holy bible, listen to the satsang and read the book “the Gin Raah” and you would like to read the thoughts of being taken away and the new life will be infused into you. 

 How you can help protect yourself from suicide 

 You will be surprised to know that, if the person making the Highest loyalty is to God, the life, the problems and difficulties in their life, and are easy to avoid. A person who is very good, it works through the figure, in life, by value, weight, sins and virtues, and keeps the mind away from the defects. When a problem is encountered, it is the hope of God’s decision, and it is a matter of good fortune that is his unwavering faith, God will never allow you to stumble. Negative thoughts, be out of his mind. Purna Parmatma to protect his devotees and disciples at every step. It is truly a matter of fact, to commit to the true devotion to the one Supreme Deity, and all kinds of unbearable physical and psychological suffering is eliminated. 

 All kinds of problems, it will definitely be the end of faith. 

 To solve the direct and the indirect, incidental, grave, and serious problems in a person’s life, in and is 100 per cent as possible and in truth. Then you either have to commit suicide, and depression as a lack of commitment to the Purna True, or Purna Parmeshwar Kabir Ji. 

 To the majority of people do not understand the Satbhakti, but what is the Satbhakti today? How can this be done? The difference was marked. Sat Bhakti means, to the knowledge of the Purna-Parmatma (the Lord of all), and to obtain the naam-dikshi Holy Tatvdarshi, and offers a moderately faithful, since only the Purna-Parmatma is able to solve all the problems and eliminate them immediately. The last one’s physical, mental illnesses and epidemics, as well as you can with one of either the cancer or the lounge. If a person is Satbhakti the Supreme God is Kabira metres from Sant Rampal y Maharaja of e, and the glory, the issue ends up in the root directory. 

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 Suicide is never the yolumuzda grief. Only the body that is coming apart at the seams, it is because that’s the law in the world, as a result of a bad law, no matter from the time of birth, one must be a subject of the passion. The sin of action, which can only be prevented by a true commitment to the Purna of the Brahma Kabir Saheb. 

 Do you know what is the main purpose of the human birth? 

 The human body is acquired, after suffering from life-in-lah, the yoni, and the main objective of this body in order to achieve the salvation of god, when the truth is a good thing. In the Srimad-bhagvata, knowledge-ge-Gita (W/Jyoti Niranjan), says This about the fate of the human body

 O Arjuna! The main purpose of human birth is to attain salvation, and salvation can only be attained by one person. Why the human body is considered to be the door. O Arjuna! The human body is hard to find. It should not be lost just like that. God longs for the human body, but the irony is that the man is, that he will continue to lose the body, that is to say, the possibility of salvation. If Satbhakti, and the Tatvgyan not to be found in human life, it will not be in vain. After that, a dog, a donkey, pigs, lions, etc., will be walking among the 84 lakh species. 

 We’ll also get this, the birth of a person of the hardships in life, the 84 lakh species of living creatures, and we could just get it to get rid of these people, to do good, to loyalty. Some of the people who are destroying the life of another person by making it as a myth of concern. A person who is born from the desire of even the Gods and Goddesses that are readily available to us, but today we know the values of the person’s name. But, after a death, you have been brought up in the court of Dharmaraja, and then to be thrown out of the * * * * * * and for the 84 lakhs, then, are we to understand the meaning of this human birth. 

 Before committing suicide, unable to look at the following points 

 Suicide doesn’t solve the problem. It is most likely that of a precious human life coming apart at the seams on asaraq suicide. 

 Suicide is not the answer. 

 The main reason for a person’s suicide, life is a sorrow, or distress. Suffering and mental effort, only to be stopped by the true devotion to the one Supreme God. There is no other solution is possible.? 

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